Sunday, December 15, 2013

All About Plants

We are ready to bind our book and place it in our library. 
Great job K2!!

Week of December 16th, 2013

Letter of the Week:

This week we will be working on the letter Uu. 

Star Words:


The star words and the letter person worksheet will be sent home on Monday in your child's red folder. 

Recent Assessment: 

On Monday I am going to conduct another assessment to see where students are in their ability to read and write their star words. This assessment will be sent home on Friday. I ask that you go over this during the break with your child and practice reading and writing any words that he/she has not mastered at this point. Over the break I will be making worksheets for all of the students which will include words that they will need to continue practicing. I will send them home after the holidays!
Thank you again for your continued support! 

Holiday Celebration

On Thursday afternoon we will have a holiday celebration. The party parents are supplying the treats and they sound amazing! 

The December party parents are:
Mrs. Loughlin
Mrs. Schwenker
Mrs. Pacella

Thank you for organizing this event! 

Town Hall Meeting:

We will have a Town Hall meeting on Friday at 9:20 am for grades K-4. 


There will be a half day on Friday, December 20th, 2013. Students will be dismissed at 12:15 to their buses. 

Have a happy and healthy holiday 
and a wonderful New Year!

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Study Buddies- Santa's Helpers

On Thursday our study buddies came to help the students in K2 write a letter to Santa. The kindergartners did a wonderful job writing their letters and the third graders were amazing teachers! Once everyone was finished we put our letters in a container labeled "Santa's Letters" near the window. When we came in the next morning, they were gone!! We think that "someone" took our letter during the night; we are going to wait and see if we get a response! J

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Week of December 9th, 2013

Letter of the Week:

This week we will be working on the letter Dd.

Star Words:


The star words and the letter person worksheet will be sent home on Monday in your child's red folder. 

There will be an anti-bullying assembly this Friday afternoon. 
Long Island wellness assemblies and programs
The assembly will be presented by Leonora Knight, the director of the program Books Alive. Books Alive is an interactive presentation that is meant to engage students in reading and learning through the arts. Leonora will conduct the assembly based upon popular children stories that encourage appropriate behavior and respect.

Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Our Trip to the WHBPAC

Today the kindergarten classes went to see a play based on familiar Eric Carle stories. 
At the end of our day we had a discussion about our favorite part, below you will find the students' responses!

Delaney- My favorite part was when the caterpillar turned himself into a rainbow butterfly.
Dean- I liked the caterpillar and how it walked.
Alexis- My favorite part was when the caterpillar got really large.
Brooke- My favorite part was when the rainbow came out.
Kayla- I liked when the caterpillar turns into the butterfly.
Zoe- My favorite part was at the beginning when the cloud changes.
Carolena- My favorite part was the baby caterpillar.
Madyorid- My favorite part was when the caterpillar turned into a butterfly.
Ben- My favorite part was when the caterpillar was really large.
Charlie- My favorite part was when he turned into a butterfly.
Kate- I liked the butterfly because I liked the colors.
Kane- My favorite part was the little cloud that changed shapes.
Brody- My favorite part was when the chameleon changed all of his colors.
Brady- My favorite part was when the chameleon got all of the body parts from the other animals.
Emily- My favorite part was when the chameleon changed colors.
Jordin- I liked when the chameleon was green.
Ziggy- I liked the very hungry caterpillar because I have it at home.
David- I liked the actors that were in the play because they did a good show.
Emma- I liked the butterfly because I liked how it was bright.

We had a great time today, thank you again to the chaperones who attended the play with us!

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Week of December 2, 2013

Letter of the Week:

This week we will be working on the letter Zz. 

Star Words:


The star words and the letter person worksheet will be sent home on Monday in your child's red folder. 

Town Hall Meeting:
We will have a Town Hall meeting today (Monday) at 9:20 am for grades K-4. Our Bucket Fillers will be announced at this time, please stay tuned to see who the recipients were for November! 
Bucket Fillers:

Recent Assessment: 
Last week I conducted a letter name, letter sound, and star word assessment in order to see where students were in their retention of the words and letters I have introduced this year. To assist students, I prepared worksheets for each child that includes only the words that they need to practice reading and writing. These worksheets will be used in the classroom, but I will also send a sheet home that you can use to practice. You are welcome to keep the worksheet, or you can send it back to school once it is completed and I will give it a nice sticker!

Party Parents:
I would like to say thank you to our party parents for October and November. We have had two successful parties because of your support and participation in these events! 

Thank you! 

Field Trip:
The Very Hungry Caterpillar and Other Eric Carle Stories 

events_1497586465 Web
On Wednesday, we will visit the Westhampton Beach Performing Arts Center. The lottery was conducted last week and the parents who were chosen are:
 Mrs. Magee and Mrs. Susinno

Thank you to all of the parents who volunteered to chaperone, your support is truly appreciated!! 

Holiday Fair: 
On Friday, December 6th we will visit the PTO holiday fair. Students will be able to shop as parent volunteers from the PTO help us choose the perfect gift for our family members! You may send money into school any day before Friday and I will hold onto it until we are ready to go down and shop! :)

You will also have the opportunity to come down on Friday from 5:30- 8:30 pm and shop with your children. When you have finished purchasing your gifts, you can come into the gym and get your present wrapped by one of the EMO teachers! I will be wrapping from 6:30-7:30, please come by and say hello!

Study Buddies

On Thursday the students in K2 met with their Study Buddies from Ms. Macomber's class. The third graders read their favorite book, asked some questions about plants and then gave our Kindergartners a present! Here are a few pictures of the students working together.  

Saturday, November 30, 2013


After finishing up our unit on plants we decided to work together in order to make a book that we can put in our classroom library. This is what we have so far but we will be adding more this coming week! I will post pictures of the final product when we are all done, stay tuned!! 

We also did an experiment on three plants. Each plant has a label with a picture clue, the picture clue shows what the plant was given for three weeks. Below are the three plants that we used in our experiment.

Plant A: Before

Plant A: After 

We put plant 'A' into a box for three weeks and fed it water regularly. We noticed how plants that are not given sunlight start to loose their green pigment, and begin to turn white. 

Plant B: Before

Plant B: After (on the right)

After looking at plant 'B' we learned that a plant needs to be watered regularly or else it will start to wilt and will begin to decay. 

Plant C: Before

Plant C: After (on the left)

Plant 'C' was given sunlight and water. This plant flourished during our three week experiment. We learned that a plant needs water, sunlight (energy), nutrients and air to survive!

Monday, October 28, 2013

Star Word Sentences and Star Students

Today we began writing sentences using our Star Words. We are working on sounding out words ssslllloooowwwwllyyy so that we can hear all of the sounds in a word. This is very tricky, but with repeated practice we will get the hang of it! 

Before we started our sentences, we listened to David talk about his weekend. Everyone was eager to ask questions and give compliments, we have a class full of star students!