Saturday, November 30, 2013


After finishing up our unit on plants we decided to work together in order to make a book that we can put in our classroom library. This is what we have so far but we will be adding more this coming week! I will post pictures of the final product when we are all done, stay tuned!! 

We also did an experiment on three plants. Each plant has a label with a picture clue, the picture clue shows what the plant was given for three weeks. Below are the three plants that we used in our experiment.

Plant A: Before

Plant A: After 

We put plant 'A' into a box for three weeks and fed it water regularly. We noticed how plants that are not given sunlight start to loose their green pigment, and begin to turn white. 

Plant B: Before

Plant B: After (on the right)

After looking at plant 'B' we learned that a plant needs to be watered regularly or else it will start to wilt and will begin to decay. 

Plant C: Before

Plant C: After (on the left)

Plant 'C' was given sunlight and water. This plant flourished during our three week experiment. We learned that a plant needs water, sunlight (energy), nutrients and air to survive!