Monday, October 28, 2013

Star Word Sentences and Star Students

Today we began writing sentences using our Star Words. We are working on sounding out words ssslllloooowwwwllyyy so that we can hear all of the sounds in a word. This is very tricky, but with repeated practice we will get the hang of it! 

Before we started our sentences, we listened to David talk about his weekend. Everyone was eager to ask questions and give compliments, we have a class full of star students! 

Sunday, October 20, 2013

Writing Workshop

Below is a preview of what we are working on during Writing Workshop in Room K2.
We have listened to quite a few lessons about, "Drawing like an illustrator to teach readers what we know a lot about" and now students are ready to stretch their "writing" onto more than one page! That is why we have decided to make a book for everyone in our class. All of the students are very proud of their work, and I couldn't be happier!!

Fun with Phonics and a Dash of Numbers

As you can see from the pictures below, we had a great week with our centers! 

Since many of our students love to go fishing, we implemented a "fishing for letter sounds" center. Brady has caught the /r/ sound for this picture but caught several other sounds while at this center!
Students also went to the "Roll, Say, Trace" center, during this center students work with star words we have studied throughout the year. Here is Kate rolling her die, saying the word and then tracing the word!

Dean Tristan is working hard looking for pumpkin star words from around the room. Once he finds a word he will say the word and then he will trace the word on his paper!

We love the letter people!! Students are using the letter sounds that we have learned this year to sort pictures by their beginning letter sounds. You would be so proud of your child if you were to see how well they can work together to complete this center!
We began focusing on numbers 1-6. In this center students rolled a die and traced the number that they rolled. They loved using the large dice that we have in our math center!
We use our letter people puppets to go around the room to look for our letter person's sound. We also use our puppets to read the room for star words that we know! 
Here is Brooke looking for star words and /h/ sounds!

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Our Classroom Blog

Hello, and welcome to K2’s FIRST classroom blog. I’ve been looking forward to starting a blog for several months and today is the day! There are countless reasons to start a blog; my central reason is to keep our parents better informed about what exciting things are happening each week. This blog will support me in extending the walls of the classroom for the students and their parents!
In addition to extending the walls of the classroom, each student will have the opportunity to showcase what they’ve learned in school. The other day I projected pictures of our field trip during snack time. As students were watching the slideshow I noticed 18 enthusiastic faces, as they were able to recall important information that they learned that day. I’m hoping that when you view the blog with your child at home, you will be able to witness this same excitement that I did in class!