Sunday, October 20, 2013

Fun with Phonics and a Dash of Numbers

As you can see from the pictures below, we had a great week with our centers! 

Since many of our students love to go fishing, we implemented a "fishing for letter sounds" center. Brady has caught the /r/ sound for this picture but caught several other sounds while at this center!
Students also went to the "Roll, Say, Trace" center, during this center students work with star words we have studied throughout the year. Here is Kate rolling her die, saying the word and then tracing the word!

Dean Tristan is working hard looking for pumpkin star words from around the room. Once he finds a word he will say the word and then he will trace the word on his paper!

We love the letter people!! Students are using the letter sounds that we have learned this year to sort pictures by their beginning letter sounds. You would be so proud of your child if you were to see how well they can work together to complete this center!
We began focusing on numbers 1-6. In this center students rolled a die and traced the number that they rolled. They loved using the large dice that we have in our math center!
We use our letter people puppets to go around the room to look for our letter person's sound. We also use our puppets to read the room for star words that we know! 
Here is Brooke looking for star words and /h/ sounds!

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