Tuesday, February 16, 2016

Fun Ideas for Break

Math and Reading Games

The ideas listed below are optional...
Family Board Games!!
Board games are great for recognizing numbers, adding more to a given number, reading the rules, following directions...

Memory Game
Write 2 of each star word on flashcards and play a memory game with your child. Have him/her flip over two cards at the same time and try to find a match. 
Try not to add too many words. Start with 4 words with their doubles. As your child is successful, you can add more words! 

You can also play this game with sentences, numbers, pictures, addition sentences...

Counting to 100
Walk to your mailbox and count how many steps it takes to get to your destination. 
Count as much as you can with your child!! :) 

Star Word Mix and Fix
Write star words on flashcards and cut up the card so that each letter is separated. Mix the letters and have your child put the letters back in order.
For an extension, you can have your child make a list of the words, or write each word in a sentence. 

Star Word Hide and Seek
Have your child draw a picture. Inside the picture have your child hide star words.
Another way to play this can be to hide star words in your house or outside. As a family, try to find all the words. Make sure they also say the words as they find them. 

Riddle Relay
Make up riddles and have your child follow the riddles to find star words. 
Have your child try and read the riddle and race another sibling or an adult. 

ABC Mouse
Great websites!

Most of these games can be altered to fit math as well. If you have any ideas, please comment below! 

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