Monday, April 21, 2014

K2's Spring Writing

The students in K2 have been creating such fantastic work, so I had to share! Recently, the students learned how to enhance their work by completing final copies. I also showed the students how they can "take notes" by drawing pictures and then using their pictures to write facts that they learned about butterflies. Saying that I am incredibly proud of the students in K2 would be an understatement!

First, you will see students working on their final copies of their butterfly facts:

Here are their final copies lined up in the hallway outside our door! 

During Writing Workshop we also worked on a Four Seasons book. All of the students were able to write what they know about each of the seasons. They did a fantastic job by adding details to their writing and their pictures! 

Since we have been learning about butterflies, our study buddies came over and helped us write a poem about butterflies. 

We have been quite busy in room K2! 

Thank you for visiting!! 

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