Sunday, November 8, 2015

Number Formation Rhymes 0-10

Number Formation 
Rhymes for 0-10

0- Curve from the top; be a hero! Close the loop and make a zero!

1- Top to bottom, then you’re done. You just wrote the number 1!

2- Half a moon, there’s more to do; slide to the right, now that’s a 2!

3- Backwards C, backwards C, and that is how you make a 3!

4- Trace down the side; cross the middle for fun. Top to bottom, and you are done!

5- Trace down the side; curve like that. Back to the dot, and give it a hat!

6- Monkey’s tail needs a fix! Come on, let’s make a 6!

7- Across the sky and down like eleven; that is how we make a 7!

8- Make an S and do not stop. Go right back up, and an 8 you’ve got!

9- A hoop and a line. That’s the way we make a nine!

10- (We use the same rhyme for 1 & 0 to form 10)

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